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Up On Your Toes! A Simple Trick For Longer Legs

This shot is a good example of a very important technique to use when shooting full-length photos of women (especially when you want the shots to look as sexy as possible). The technique: If the model isn’t wearing heels, simply direct her to go up on her toes. With very few exceptions, women’s bodies (when standing) will look more appealing if they’re either on their toes or wearing high heels. That’s just … [Read More...]

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Technical Details Of Nude Photography

As far as technical details go, this is a fairly simple picture. The lighting is soft and even. The catchlights in the model’s eyes show that one main light was used as well as one fill … [Read More...]

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The Creation of a Nude Curve

Though I’m a strong proponent of constantly searching for unique and overlooked shooting angles, sometimes simply shooting a model eye-to-eye will produce great results. In this shot, the model … [Read More...]

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Hip Cat

This shot is good example of why it’s hard to go wrong with a photograph that combines a model with long legs, high heels, and a pose that places the majority of the model’s weight on one … [Read More...]

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How To Photograph Young Models

Elsewhere on this blog, you’ll find a picture titled, “S” AS IN....”. That image illustrates the “S pose” and discusses it’s use in glamour and nude photography. I noted that the pose has no strict … [Read More...]

The sexiness of tanlines

The Sexiness Of Tan Lines

Small details can turn average pictures into a good pictures and good pictures into great pictures. Unfortunately, these little details can’t always be anticipated before a shoot gets started. … [Read More...]

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A Few Techniques For “Cougar” Pics

One of the most popular niches in “Adult-themed” photography revolves around slightly older women (or as they’re often called, “MILFs” or “Cougars”). This is a shot of a 42-year-old woman and uses … [Read More...]