The Power Of An Arched Back

This is a very sculptural and artistic shot. Though the subject is a nude woman, there is nothing overtly sexual or suggestive about this photograph.

To me, it appears to be more of a “study” of the human form than a true glamour photograph. It’s not difficult to envision this 3/4 pose existing as an actual sculpture rather than a photo.

arching back nude photo

The photographer’s decision to crop the photo just above the knee was a good choice and add emphasis to the curves of the body. It’s very important to learn to crop images at locations in the image that add, rather than detract, from the composition. As an example, imagine this picture cropped just below the knees of the model. Such a crop would greatly take away from the gentle lines that make this shot special.

The image was shot against a brightly lit white background that enables the body of the model to truly stand out when placed in front of it. 

The remaining lighting is fairly even (with a slight highlight on the model’s back).

Regarding the pose, the arms and hands are placed in an interesting and unique position. Additionally, the extreme arch of the back makes for an attractive and alluring curve.

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