Technical Details Of Nude Photography

As far as technical details go, this is a fairly simple picture. The lighting is soft and even. The catchlights in the model’s eyes show that one main light was used as well as one fill light.

However, there are some aspects to this picture that make it more compelling and memorable than a basic snapshot. The most important of these aspects is the camera angle and the pose of the model. Her position – lying down and looking back toward the camera – is not often seen.

young nude teen girl

Additionally, this image makes very good use of “The Rule of Thirds” compositional guideline. In this picture, the model’s eyes are placed in the lower third of the picture horizontally, and the right third of the picture vertically.

Finally, the sharp focus of the model’s eyes make for a strong impact on the viewer. This effect is magnified by the fall off in focus on the model’s body.

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