How To Photograph More Than One Nude Model

Shooting multiple models is a lot like herding kittens. In other words, not an easy task.

However, you’ll find it’s much easier to work with two models than with three. When you get to three (or more), things can quickly get out of hand.

multiple nude models

However, even when shooting just two models, there are added variables that a photographer has to contend with. Because lighting two models well is substantially harder than lighting just one, getting the lighting right is usually the most important of these variables. You’ll also need to be constantly aware of each model’s position and how she’s filling the frame. You’ll discover that the difficulty of achieving a good composition is multiplied when working with more than one model.

In this shot, having the models on a sofa limits their movement and makes it a bit easier to maintain control the composition. 

Additionally, strong eye contact from both models helps to produce a friendly, yet seductive, image.

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