Up On Your Toes! A Simple Trick For Longer Legs

This shot is a good example of a very important technique to use when shooting full-length photos of women (especially when you want the shots to look as sexy as possible).

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The technique: If the model isn’t wearing heels, simply direct her to go up on her toes. With very few exceptions, women’s bodies (when standing) will look more appealing if they’re either on their toes or wearing high heels. That’s just the way it is.

While there are certainly exceptions to this rule, you’ll find these exceptions to be fairly rare. So, when in doubt, direct your model to go up on her toes.

As for my thoughts regarding this particular picture, all I really notice is the black globe in the bottom right of the frame. This is because it took me six months of driving from one Los Angeles antique shop to another to find it (this was before the Internet made finding something like this far more simple). The importance of props such as this globe is discussed in my eBook, SKIN: How To Take Stunning Nude Photos.

Over the years, I would guess this globe has appeared in tens of thousands of my pictures.

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